Success is an illusion

I remember when I was a student; I was always worried about grades, so afraid to fail.

We spend all our life in carefully creating the life we want, feeling hopeless and down if results are different.

Sometimes you just gotta roll with it and take life as it comes.

Dont be disheartened.

Take failure as a stepping stone.

Even those who reach the top, had to come down sometime.

Keep learning.

Dont miss out on the jouyous moments worrying, and remember the kind and loving faces who made you smile and feel better about life.

Work harder, Smarter, Plan. but..

Results are not in our hands, the only thing which is in our hand is: Our Efforts.

Do your best and leave the rest to Allah.

To be Grateful..

I’ve started new excercise of daily expressing gratitude for atleast 7 things going good in my life. Sometimes when I cant think of anything to be grateful for, I just repeat 7 times ‘I am grateful!’.

Honestly it’s been just four days, but first thing I noticed was a single change in my thoughts! My mind threw back a positive thought! ❤

Gratitude to your creator everyday is good for own’s sakes. First of all, it changes negative thinking. When we are grateful for what we have, and with paitence, start working towards what we want, we experience happiness.

From happiness comes hope, for a better brighter future.

Real Wealth is?


I am back.

Well, it’s been a roller coaster ride. During last three months, I spend time with my elder sibling and her children, then I had a change of meds and also had argument with a friend.

My mood has been going up and down, partly because I took things to heart and partly because of medicine changes but I did my best not to complain and give back.

The best days during this time were when we would make each other laugh. I learned not to take things personally, tried to listen more and I opened up my heart to discover a deeper connection with my family. I believe my wealth is my family.

My friend, she and I have been together for more than two decades, and I have to say she’s the keeper, always doing her best to keep friends. I hope to be her friend forever.

P.s. Have you felt a deeper connection with a sibling, friend or even an animal?

Friends and Family; Having a Company

They say you always have that one place in your heart, that no one can fill. Your husband, your mom and dad, or siblings even can’t fill that empty place. I have wondered about it for so long, I have been very lonely emotionally and physically, My mum has always been there for me, now after her death, my dad is there to provide me shelter and food, my siblings spend quality time with me, whenever possible.

May be I am too shy or quite ungrateful maybe, or its just because I never had a partner. Its one thing missing from my life; company.

Yes, I want a partner to live rest of my life with, but will his company fill my need to belong, to be better, happier?

Will it?

P.S. Do you like looking at the night sky on summer nights, isn’t it magical?